About Us

The Crown Heights CSA is a brand-new group of folks from the neighborhood who have banded together to support local agriculture and acquire fresh, affordable farm produce in the heart of the city. We are an all-volunteer group of members who donate our time to organize and run the CSA for our neighborhood. We are no longer accepting members for the 2009 season but we would be happy to put you on our waiting list for 2010.

In addition to volunteer support, we have generously received funding from the Independence Community Foundation and the Citizens Committee for New York City to start a revolving loan fund to provide low-income shares to our community.

Please see the FAQ page for basic info, and contact us for any specifics CSA or CSA website questions!

Image in blog header is excerpted from “One For All, All For One,” photo Id 2426060437 by _tomanthony (2008). Accessed on Flickr.com via Slidebay.com on 2009-Apr-22. (CC licensed.)



  1. i love

  2. I’m in Belgium, I now you by Franck Schroeder. It is in holliday the last Christmas in my village. I work in a NGO an d we are make a same group like you. We buy vegetabal, milk, fruit, meat, bread from productor near our region.
    We are happy to see a same idea in your place.
    Together, the world can change.


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