Posted by: csacrownheights | October 5, 2009

This weeks veggies 10/6

2 pounds Norland potatoes
1 bunch rosemary
1 head cauliflower
1 head red Boston lettuce
1 bunch mixed carrots
3 heads baby bok choy
2 bulbs yellow onion
1 arrowhead cabbage
2 heads broccoli
1 bunch mixed beets
1/2 pint plum tomatoes
2 pieces eggplant
1 pint cherry tomatoes

1 pound Norland potatoes
1 bunch rosemary
1 head red Boston lettuce
1 bunch mixed carrots
1 bunch scallions
1 arrowhead cabbage
1 head broccoli
1/2 pint plum tomatoes
2 pieces eggplants
1/2 pint cherry tomatoes


For those of you that have seen our fields in the fall, you probably know that now is the time we incorporate the crop residues and what ever plant materials were left after the harvests back into the ground. Part of these crop residues become a nutrient source for subsequent crops in the following year as the plant materials break down in the soil and add to the organic mater in the sandy loam soils that we have here on Long Island. In addition, I have been sowing winter Rye grass as a cover crop in some fields to protect the soil from wind and rain erosion in the coming months. During the next few weeks those fields that have the rye grass sown in them will take on a uniform green lawn like appearance as the cover crop grows in before the first hard frost.

With the recent periodic rainfalls, soil moisture has been good and irrigation activities have not been necessary now for a couple of weeks. As much as I like the thought of running under the sprinklers for fun, it just doesn’t seem to have the same thrill for me now when some of our morning temperatures have started out in the Forties. I thought briefly of a comparison like eating a cold water melon on a ski mountain chairlift ride, but realized pretty quickly that was not a good comparison. Nothing I can think of off hand detracts me from the pleasure of eating watermelon. It is absolutely, one of the things I will miss the most of summer.

Be well,

Fred & Karen


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