Posted by: csacrownheights | August 10, 2009

This weeks veggies 8/11/09


1 bu. Italian Parsely
2 lbs Norland Red Potatoes
1 Green Iceberg Lettuce
1 Head Red Romaine
1 lb Beans
3 Harkurei Turnips
2 Asian Eggplants
1 Head Red Boston
3 Summer onions
1 Bulb Kohlrabi
1 lb.Yellow Slicing Tomatoes
1/2 lb Cherry Tomatoes


1 bu. Italian Parsely
1lb Norland Red Potatoes
1 bu. U-Choy
1 bu. Green Onions
1 Red Oak Lettuce
1/2 lb Cherry Tomatoes


Tomorrow Tuesday, August  11th, is your CSA week #  10 delivery.   Attached is the list of the planned harvest of items for your boxes.
Our cherry tomatoes are coming into color now.  We have several types of varieties ripening now, so depending how we pack the boxes, there may be Orange, Red or Yellow Cherry tomatoes in your box.  We also have some grape type small tomatoes coming into color too.  If we run out of regular cherry types, we may pack the grape type tomatoes.  These are just as tasty but have firmer skins so that rather than melting in your mouth, you have to actually bite down on them to enjoy them.  Most people enjoy both equally; we hope that as we go through the season, you’ll have the chance to taste all the varieties we grow.

With the consistent warm temperatures now, all the fields have begun to dry out to the point of requiring irrigation.  A relatively short time ago, (like 2 weeks at best), I looked forward to only sunshine, now I would welcome a passing thunderstorm with some rainfall.  What ever comes our way, we’ll take what we get.  Hot sun is really not that bad.

Be well,

Fred & Karen


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